Our Story



I'm Sherie Smith, creator of YOUR JOYOUS HEART, a woman-owned, small business in the heart of Middle Tennessee. I love jewelry. It's part of my  quirky personality and a great new piece of jewelry always makes me stand taller, smile brighter and feel like a million bucks. I hope Your Joyous Heart becomes your favorite place for fun, affordable jewelry and hopefully you will always find a new piece that brings you Joy and delights your Body, Mind and Soul. Hopefully that same Joy will become a catalyst for you to share Joy and Kindness with others daily.   

This year my husband and I will celebrate 55 years together.  We have two married daughters and three grandchildren. We have Nicholas, my kayaking buddy, Kaitlyn, our rugby warrior queen and Nathan, our big-time baseball star.   .

Losing Nick at just 20 years old is a constant reminder to celebrate Life, embrace Joy and always tell people you love them!  Appreciate each day and live with a grateful heart. That was Nick's daily goal - both through school and after graduation. He would seek out the lonely, the unseen and the outsider.  His teachers said Nick would always seek out the lonely and invite them to meet his friends and sit at his table. He made them feel included, accepted and loved. That's what Nick was known for - making a daily difference in someone's life. It was an intentional daily step for him and quite often it was for a complete stranger. Every day Nick chose to be Happy himself and taught others to find that Joy too.     

Your Joyous Heart is my way of reminding people to create their own Joy every day like Nick taught us.  He also taught us to help others, to make them feel  important, valued and loved. 

To learn about the "NickProject2020" visit  https://www.facebook.com/NickProject2020 ane read stories of kindness and hope from around the country - random acts done by caring people. .  NickProject2020 also presents scholarships to high school graduates interested in attending any Tennessee trade school. 

I hope you feel my gratefulness for your visit here today. I'm a rather eclectic/old hippie soul that has a strong belief in God. Hopefully, I have something special here for every one of you. I have treasures for the Spirit, the Soul, the Creative, the Practical, the Flamboyant, the Homebody, the Girly-Girl and even the Crazy Fun Lover,  Hopefully my treasures here will speak magic to your Heart.    

I love meeting kindred spirits so drop me an email to introduce yourself. In the meantime, I pray you'll have a Joyous day!  Be Blessed!  ~ Sherie Smith